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        Rent a flat, apartment or villa in Beijing

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        CHINA RETAIL SERVICES (Beijing, Shanghai…)

        International and local foreign brands Advisor in China

        SRE is A foreign managed Real Estate agency based in China. So far, the company has already assisted a large number of international and new foreign brands to establish in large cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. Finding a location is for sure a very important part of SRE’s work, however it needs much more than a retail location to be successful for a new brand or existing brand to enter the Chinese market.

        You require expertise on various levels to be able to adapt the right expansion strategy of the local market so as to minimize your learning costs and maximize your brand performances. With more than 12 years of retail Real Estate consulting practice and its own self-managed brand experience (Crêpanini), SRE has customized retail solutions according to brand expansion needs:

        Our retail consulting SERVICES include:

        • Local Partner Search (Franchising/Investment)
        • Strategy Review (Business Plan)
        • Property Selection (Location Finding)
        • Government Relations
        • Negotiation and Contract Management
        • Renewal Negotiation
        • Reputable Local Providers Selection

        Acting as your Consulting service company through your brand development cycle in China, SRE provides access to uncommon knowledge that will help your brand improve its local market integration and increase your financial results.


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