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        Rent a flat, apartment or villa in Beijing

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        Living in Beijing Hutong, also known as a “siheyuan”, offers a genuine courtyard living experience in China. Many hutongs are available for both shot-term and long-term agreements, are renovated and furnished to meet Western-style living standards.
        Luxurious villas in Beijing are available at affordable rates for both short-term and long-term agreements. Fully furnished residences, ranging from 1-6 bedrooms, are available in both western and Chinese style decoration.
        New Beijing Grade A office spaces are available for both short-term and long-term leasing. Conveniently located near subway stations and transportation hubs, many of our best office locations are maintained by foreign management companies.
        Affordable Western and Asian style apartments in Beijing are available for long-term and shot-term agreements. Furnished on, two, three, four and five bedroom apartments on high floors are conveniently location though out Beijing near subway stations and major landmarks.
        Western style serviced apartments in Beijing include fully furnished homes with convenient and regular cleaning, concierge, and maintenance services. Both short-term and long-term agreements are available for 1 to 4 bedroom residences at affordable rates.

        Our relocation services

        Scout Real Estate was founded in 2008 in order to provide expatriates and corporate companies with high quality relocation services. Scout Real Estate will assist you all the way through your relocation process inside a flat, apartment, serviced apartment, villa or courtyard in Beijing.

        As a registered real estate agency in Beijing, Scout Real Estate we will help you to find the accommodation that most suits your needs in our wide range of properties and extensive database of landlords. Furthermore, as relocation professionals we ensure that everything goes well during the entire duration of the real estate rental, we follow-up your requests and we assist you during the exit process. Our team of Real Estate agents and relocation professionals do speak English, Chinese, French, German for a better communication between tenants and landlords.

        Scout Real Estate will also provide you with a lot of information and tips before your arrival, in all circumstances you can contact our agents or visit our website with its Living in Beijing guide. We can help you in any occurrence regarding health, insurances, schools, cost of living expenses (water, electricity, food...)

        Our office is located in Chaoyang district, inside the Beijing CBD and close to Sanlitun. Contact us now to start your relocation process.

        Besides our residential real estate services for your flat, apartment, villa in Beijing, we have corporate real estate services for retail and office space.

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        Courtyard areas
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